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Name: Hey you now know it by this time. It is Ashutosh stupid


Born: 15th December 1975 , Giridih, Jharkhand, India





Graduated in   Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Science & Engineering)

          from B.N. College of Engineering, Pusad. Amravati University , Amravati (Maharashtra)

    Others School/Colleges Attended:

St. Columba's College, Hazaribagh (Jharkhand, India)
Delhi Public School, Bokaro Steel City (Jharkhand, India)
St. Xavier's School, Hazaribagh (Jharkhand, India)


My Employers:

I am currently working for Adobe Systems, in their File Format group.  I am working out of their facilities at NOIDA.


Surfing the net

          On Yahoo: ashutosh_r_chaturvedi           On ICQ: 107211494

Sleeping, You bet if you can  sleep more than I do.
Bird Watching ( Just Kidding, to be straight I hate to run after girls)
Making Friends, but I do take a lot  of time before I call anybody a friend.



Good Food                                               
Nice People



People with pretentious nature.



A healthy male German Shepard, he is called Rock (WWF fans I am not insulting your hero). He is a pure vegetarian likes Milk, Fresh fruits and Tomato salad being his favorite. Sad part is he does not live with me here in Delhi, poor canine stays back with my parents. I love and miss you Rock.


My Girl:

On November 28, 2004 I finally tied the knot with Divya in  a private function at Patna.  She has  a MBA from BIT, Ranchi. We got married on November 28, 2004 .   We then went on a short honeymoon trip to Diu, a small island on the western coast of India.

See my marriage pics here.

See my Honeymoon pictures here.

My Childhood:

I spent most of my child hood with my parents I was a cutie baby in my early days so got all the love I could get from my neighbors as well. As I grew older my parents kicked (literally) me out of the house after my 10 grade, since then I am a wanderer. I am grateful to my parents for that, I learnt a lot from life while I was away from comfort of home. I spent most of my early days in Chaibasa (its a small town in Singhbhum dist. in Jharkhand State), later on when my father was transferred to Hazaribagh we shifted there in 1983. Later on when I grew up into a teen, I went to Bokaro Steel City to finish my higher education. I know those days were too tough for the girls in Bokaro, a new villain had just stepped into their city.   


My Parents:

I was born to Mr. Chittaranjan Chaturvedi and Mrs. Vijaya Lakshmi Chaturvedi.

My father is a retired government servant  and is currently staying in Patna. He retired as a Additional Director (Mines) , Department of Mines and Geology, Government of Bihar. He is a strict disciplinarian and a man of integrity. I owe him a lot in terms of my personality development.

My mother remained a house wife and was a full time mom. She is a very calm and religious women. She is so loving and caring. She has suffered a lot as my father's  job was a transferable one, and she preferred to stay back every time my dad was transferred so we kids could complete our  study.


My Siblings:

I have two brothers, both of them are younger to me. So I am the big boss around. We fought  long battles during our younger days.

Second to me is Shantanu is a Mechanical Engineer.  He is working with Infosys Technologies in Bangalore  these days.

The youngest one, and as all the youngest ones are is a real naughty kid. He has finished studying Hotel Management from IHM, Gwalior and is working with a hotel chain in Mumbai.


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